how to be successful in business

Create goals

One of the most important things to do to increase your productivity is to create goals. These goals are important to set in the short, medium and long term. It is a good way to question yourself and evaluate your productivity. Each objective should be accompanied by a deadline, this is part of the game to force you to do all the tasks that require each goal.

Enjoy your work

Enjoy what you do, the main thing about each job and each goal, is to really enjoy what you are doing. It is impossible for you to maintain a high level of productivity if you don’t like what you are doing.

Create a work plan

It is important that you create a work plan, it is impossible for you to achieve your long-term goals if you do not structure a strategy. It is one of the best ways to compete in any market whether you are selling products or providing services. It is key that you have a structured plan to beat your competitors.

Make a Loyalty strategy

Create a customer loyalty strategy, in other words, serve the customers you have previously acquired. A business must have a balance between acquiring new customers and keeping old ones. It is the only way to grow a business. In the business world, 90% of marketing is focused on the acquisition of new customers, this is very common in small businesses which is literally financial suicide. The cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than keeping an old one. Creating a plan to keep customers can be more time consuming than you think. Applying special discounts for previous purchases, or for specific dates such as birthdays, halloween or christmas, helps to create a permanent consumer relationship with that store or commerce.


Digital Marketing Hotels

One of the biggest mistakes in the hotel industry is to depend on directories or marketplace pages such as booking, trivago, etc. It is clear that these pages are an important source of customer acquisition for any hotel of any category to depend on this type of page.

you should focus on generating content for your website where it helps to position the brand within its market niche this would be a long term strategy but economically sustainable both in the digital marketing investment and the hotel’s profits, besides it would not depend on and it would be much more profitable.

Without doubt web positioning should be a priority part of the digital marketing strategy of a hotel in fact time web sectioning is in some sense quite easy live in the field of hotels. especially because it is in a market segment for example executive hotels family hotels luxury hotels. when you look at that way we see that competition is reduced significantly and we see that the words to position on the first page if we take into account that SEO take in the case of hotels as a medium or long term strategy. it is relatively easy to capture bloggers who are willing to cooperate with good information and reviews as well as backlinks for the hotel. in the same way recreation of services parallel to the guest accommodation you can reach one of the main sources of any hotel I mean mainly services such as renting rooms for events restaurants and banquets for special occasions

Therefore any hotel should do for this type of services obviously you have to provide them in the same way the SEO profitability within the hotel sector becomes undoubtedly very high since the cost of the service is incredibly low compared to the retribution that an effective strategy can give you. The marketing manager to see any hotel of any category should have in his digital marketing priority list a SEO strategy.

No doubt this combined with a website where the design is oriented conversions make the perfect mix to reduce dependence on room rentals through booking and have direct benefits from the website.

SEO strategy, will focus directly on services designed for that type of customer looking for this type of hotel in particular. a small search of keywords related to the field of hotels how to get to bar a lot of virgin opportunities where no hotel is taking into account and again TripAdvisor and trivago those who stay with the first page for lack of competition.

For example, analyzing the keyword “beach hotel in Barcelona”

The first thing you should know is that it is a word with 1900 searches per month. It means that it has a good volume of search

You will see that the first pages within Google will only find the Ritz hotel in fifth position as the first hotel’s web and the rest are marketplace sites and one or two blogs in reference to the best beach hotels in Barcelona.

Mainly these pages are in first position, for lack of competition from hotels in SEO, if analyzes the pages of the hotels is really bad as the user experience and SEO strategic within it. Something ironic because one of the best pages in conversion undoubtedly, as such will be devoted to its SEO and here the recruitment of customers through its digital marketing net income would rise I can guarantee 50%, One of the most absurd things that I think booking contacts when the percentage I charge them is super high, honestly the hotel business what they book is the Amazon of the hotel industry in delivery because they have been very smart very clever and have invested in the study knowledge of neuromarketing and marketing options for customer acquisition and partly by the little competition and little real marketing that hotels do when it comes to attracting customers. It’s surprising that in an industry worth millions they don’t apply digital marketing efficiently, the only thing I can think of is that they have money to spare.

SEO strategy, will focus directly on services designed for that type of customer looking for this type of hotel in particular. a small search of keywords related to the field of hotels how to get to bar a lot of virgin opportunities where no hotel is taking into account and again booking TripAdvisor and trivago those who stay with the first page for lack of competition.

Digital marketing strategy to gain visualization of a hotel’s services must be accompanied by blog articles for travelers, city tour guides and content to attract new customers and help clients. In the same way, it is really easy to get to create an audience using email marketing and social networks, the combination of these 3 digital marketing strategies, would guarantee a non-dependence of (or similar pages) for the acquisition of customers, in addition to the cost per acquisition of customers would be much lower



the best templates for wordpress store or woocommerce themes

For a long time I have handled ecommerce from different markets and with very different volumes of users, from pages of 10,000 users per month to 240,000 users per month.

One of the most common mistakes I found was a template not very optimized, very rude to customize and especially with few options for customization in the product page.

As an SEO, Google Ads & Conversion Rates spacemaster selecting the right template is key to both having sales and improving the SEO of your website.

Here I wrote a series of factors that I take into account to improve any ecommerce or when creating an online store

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