email marketing for ecommerce: stratecgy and tips

A very easy way to create an email list for your online store is through a promotion with a discount when signing up for your newsletter, I recommend using plugins such as Wpform which has many good options such as activating the pop up in an attempt to leave the page. is actually my favorite. to have a high activity ...

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SEO ecommerce (Woocommerce, Shopify and Prestashop)

SEO for online stores is very similar to the SEO of a blog. The main thing is to position the most profitable categories and products for your business. Then, you must apply SEO to the categories and products in the same way in a service page or in a blog article, therefore, the content must have an original text with ...

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how to increase ecommerce sales: plugins and check list

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to increase the sales of an online store. The truth is that there are many internal and external factors involved. Basically, any of the external variables we can not avoid or influence them (usually), but the internal variables are completely manipulable and that’s where the task of better starts.

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the best templates for wordpress store or woocommerce themes

For a long time I have handled ecommerce from different markets and with very different volumes of users, from pages of 10,000 users per month to 240,000 users per month. One of the most common mistakes I found was a template not very optimized, very rude to customize and especially with few options for customization in the product page. As ...

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