Free Google Data Studio Template for Digital Marketing: Kpi’s and Conversions

Through this template you will be able to visualize all the information of kpi’s and Events in a simple and segmented way. This Google Data Studio report has its data source from Google Analytics. Basically, we have selected the data bases that are used on a daily basis.

Features and Benefits of the Kpi’s and Events template of Google Data Studio.

Save time reading basic data

Filters by date, events, visitor acquisition channels and devices.

Displays essential kpi data (views, users, % bounce, page per visit)

It has a heat map where the objectives fulfilled by hours and days of the week are shown. This is especially useful for planning email marketing campaigns, Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

In addition there is a field of “Goal’s Sources” where you can see the channels of acquisition of visits by “means of acquisition”.

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