Gantt Chart Template and Example for excel and Google Sheet (Free)

This Gantt chart template is made with Excel, you can download it for free. You can edit the information in a simple and easy way, add any kind of notes and dates about the project you are planning to do. All this then appears automatically in the Gantt chart.

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How to use the Gantt in excel or Google sheet

List the tasks in for the Gantt chart

The tasks are the basis for making a Gantt chart. You must break down your project or the work you plan to do into stages or phases, which will be the tasks that will be accomplished in the project. Then, you should prioritize the tasks depending on the order in which they should be completed.

Add the tasks in the “Task name” column. If you need to delete any row, just right-click on the cell of the row you want to delete. (Click on Remove, then select the entire row).

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Start and end dates in the Gantt chart

Put the date with numbers of the day as the month of each of the tasks you plan to do in your project.

For example, if it is January 16, you should write it this way: 16/1.

you have the option of changing the format for the date. To do this, right click on the cell containing the date and select Format Cells. In the popup window, select Date and then you can choose the format you want to display the date.

In the Start column (in the table), you have to type the date on which you plan to start the task.

In the column called “Completion” in the table, put the date on which you plan to complete this task.

This must be done for each of the tasks in the project that you are going to do.

With this step, you can visualize the duration of all the tasks, seeing when and how the tasks are overlapped and also when the project or work is estimated to be completed.

Video tutorial: Gantt chart template

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