how to make a ecommerce report with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio template for e-commerce, this report is totally free. If you sell online or handle customer e-commerce, this report is ideal for analyzing all your online business activity.

Although this template is made in a general way (not customized for each e-commerce), it is ideal to understand all the operations of your online store.

It saves you time in making decisions for your campaigns or investment in products based on real-time data.

Google Data Studio e-commerce templates are an essential tool for analysts, sellers and marketing experts

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E-commerce marketing report template features

You can monitor all metrics daily or prepare any report either weekly, monthly or yearly with the possibility to compare between periods. This way you can analyze how your marketing strategy is meeting your objectives. In the same way, thanks to this report any manager or marketing team can identify the failures within the online sales strategy and optimize its performance.

How to create an ecommerce dashboard in Google DataStudio

After open the template, you need to add the sources, this report is saved in your data studio account (that you will manage with your google account). Here step by step all the process to do the data studio report.

follow the steps

how to create an ecommerce marketing report in gooogle datastudio

how to create an e-commerce template datastudio easy




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