How to do a Marketing Plan for Small Business

To make success into the small business, basically, you need to optimize the time and the budget. Here some ideas for taking the best way to do it.

Keep it is easy, basically, put your focus on the goals and the most important the money on the things that your business really needs for the rise.

Steps to build a Marketing plan for small businesses.

These Questions help you to look at the situations from different angles and find the most important thing that you will make to do an ideal marketing plan.

What are your products or services?

What do you want to offer? why do you want to offer it? Do you need to offer that product right now? How important are these products or this service within your monthly and annual income?.

Many times, people get carried away by market trends without really analyzing how productive it can be to employ resources in the promotion of certain services and products.

Your product and your marketing plan

Answer the next question is ideal to know your stronger point.

  1. What is your competitive advantage? How does your product or service differ from the competition in terms of exclusive processes or superior ingredients, or others features.
  2. What are your weaknesses versus your competitors?
  3. Determine the cost of each product or service.
  4. Determine the price you charge for each product o service to recover the invesment in marketing.
  5. What is your product’s/service’s personality?
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How to focus a Market  in a marketing plan:

This is a game and you need to make goals. So, what are your goals?. Define clear objectives you want to get from your marketing plan: you can be more customers through your website, increase followers in social networks, increase sales in your ecommerce, increase visits from google, grow your email list.  In the item the focus is to find the target market, in other words you will do a costumer profile, you must find answers to the next questions:

a) Client Profile

  1. Is your costumer Male or female?
  2. How old are they?
  3. What level of education do they have?
  4. What’s their Profession?
  5. What level of income do they have?
  6. How knowledgeable about your product or service?
  7. What factors (e.g., price, availability, service, etc.) influence this customer’s purchase decisions?
  8. What other people (if any) influence the purchase decision?
  9. How would you describe your customers’ personality?
  10. Is there anything else unique about your customer?

b) customer needs:

  1. What are your customer’s needs?
  2. What are your customers perceived needs?
  3. Are you meeting either or both of these?
  4. If not, where do you fall short?
  5. What resistances do people have to buying your product or service?

c) market trends

  1. what is your market?
  2. what are the season trend topic in this market?
  3. what is the searon with more sales in the market?
  4. who are you competitors?
  5. what marketing are doing your competitors?
  6. whar Tax considerations are in your market?
  7. how do you manega the sales factor in your market?
  8. How to use the market Emotional considerations (prestige, status, fear,pleasure, etc.) ?
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Marketing Strategies:

What option do you have for make Goal? For example, if your goal is to get visibility on google, it is clear that you should first follow the implementation of an SEO strategy. If your goal is to sell from your ecommerce, you should start by evaluating the user experience of your online store. If you want to increase the loyalty of your online audience, surely you should implement a strategy of building the email list and apply email marketing. Remmember is no about money, is about how you used your money.

a) Goals

Identify your goal(s) for each segment or market. Your goals and objectives should be concrete, measurable and realistic.

• To increase sales volume by X% or Y$ within existing customer base.

• To increase sales volume by X% or Y$ generating new customers.

• To increase sales volume by X% or Y$ getting customers to use the product/service more often

• To enhance image, name recognition, reputation.

• To introduce a new product or service (same area, new area).

b) Strategy

A strategy is a different steps that you need to do for achieve a goal. I did a common marketing strategies that I apply to my clients:

  • New logo, letterhead package, company brochure
  • Redesing the website
  • SEO Strategy
  • Google or Facebook Ads Strategy
  • Newsletters
  • Public relations (trade press, speechmaking, feature articles, community relations/community activities)
  • Networking
  • Discounts

My advice, is try to implement just two strategy that more benefits could make for your business. Remmember each idea for strategy will be focus in a goal. You need to think about  your product, competitors and customers and keep in mind your resources like time, money and staff.


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