how to increase ecommerce sales: plugins and check list

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to increase the sales of an online store. The truth is that there are many internal and external factors involved. Basically, any of the external variables we can not avoid or influence them (usually), but the internal variables are completely manipulable and that’s where the task of better starts.

The advantages of online stores made with woocommerce, are based on significant improvements for low cost, fast and easy implementation, this is not always the case with all ecommerce CMS.

When I focus on improving the sales of an ecommerce store I divide the tasks into strategies, the first part would be increasing the visibility of the web and attracting users. And the second part, is improving the user experience, product sheets and web data analysis.

The intention of this post is to give you ideas to improve the user experience and get visits by means of plugins for wordpress and woocommerce, for this I have prepared a small list of plugins that I have already used in different online stores, having a good result of improvements.

Ways to increase ecommerce sales

The first thing you have to do is to know which are the products that produce you more profitability. Your marketing and sales efforts should be focused on these products. I mean, pricing strategies, social media display, Google Ads, email marketing and SEO, should always have the priority of boosting these products to consumers.

The traditional ways in digital marketing to generate sales (wrong too) would be to rely on Google Ads / Facebook Ads & SEO. This is really not a sustainable strategy over time, relying on 2 channels of traffic to generate sales is a very bad idea, especially if you think that having traffic you will manage to sell your products.

Of course, to build an audience, you will rely on social networks, SEO, and email marketing but you need to think different, actually, your mission should be to build an audience around your brand. It’s more difficult, it’s a way to generate income on a permanent basis without depending on a social network or Google. In addition to this, you must have an adequate web design to sell, this means that your product page must be optimized with cognitive biases. Through plugins, you can achieve this and influence the decision to buy from your users. Remember that the goal is to sell, and you should use as many resources as possible to make your investment profitable.

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Create an audience for your ecommerce

An audience is created when you are contributing and helping to build something for people, in other words, you contribute so much value to someone, that they will take you into account in their day to day. Therefore, building a brand that reflects the values of your ideal customer is a direct and easy way to create an audience.

Woocommerce Google analytics plugin

Improving the performance of a website is a game of numbers and strategies, this is very similar to baseball, what matters is that you have sales and profits, therefore you have to focus on the small numbers that will lead you to be productive

Therefore, as a first rule, you should start from the first moment to have as much data as possible from your ecommerce. The tool par excellence is Google Analytics. For this I recommend you to use “Enhanced E-commerce for Woocommerce store” is a special plugin for woocommerce, very easy to configure and the free version is really good to start with.

Bundle products woocommerce plugins

The sales of an ecommerce is a matter of strategy, to sell you must persuade and to get to persuade you must generate interest with an offer. The plugins of bundles products, are really effective for this. This type of plugin will allow you to create specific offers for the products you select. The “Bought Together” strategy is famously employed by amazon. One plugin I recommend for creating bundles is “WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce” which has a free and paid version. The free one is very good and covers many needs.

If you plan to use this type of offer in your online store, you must create an appropriate pricing strategy to increase sales, otherwise it will not have any effect on the customer.

Best Plugins for Bundles Products

These are some of the plugins that I have used when creating a product bundles strategy in woocommerce. All have an easy setup and the selection of the plugin will depend on the type of product you sell in your ecommerce

WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce (downloads: +10K)
Product Bundles Woocommerce official
Composite Products
Mix and Match Products
YITH Product Bundles (downloads: +4K)

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Site Speed Web Plugins Woocommerce

Optimize the speed of your website the most important tasks within an ecommerce. The speed in a website is essential for the user experience, in an online store the speed can produce the highest number of sales and better web positioning in Google. It should certainly be a priority within any ecommerce

It is necessary to use plugins such as smush pro special for image processing, and Hummingbird Pro, is used for loading internal files in WordPress in the same way this WProcket, are fulfilled the same function. both have a very simple configuration to do and really worth investing in these plugins.

I recommend you also use a Fast Hosting of at least 1GB ram, Cloudways, good options starting from US$ 10 per month

Social Networks and E-commerce

You are probably using one or more social networks to promote your products and try to sell them through a social network.

I think that trying to sell through a social network is a big mistake, users when they go to a social network are not looking to buy a product they are looking to be entertained, educated and share their experience

therefore your language within a social network should be to share your brand experiences, give a value to the user and create empathy with your audience, in the same way, you should reflect your brand values.

You should be aware that each social network is handled differently, which means that the content should be different for each of them, for example: the content you use for Instagram is not consumed in a social network like Pinterest or the content you use for LinkedIn, will not be appreciated on Instagram or Facebook. My advice is to get strong first and not play me and then put your brand on another one.

Instagram and Pinterest, are two very good options to create an audience through social media.


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