SEO ecommerce (Woocommerce, Shopify and Prestashop)

SEO for online stores is very similar to the SEO of a blog. The main thing is to position the most profitable categories and products for your business.

Then, you must apply SEO to the categories and products in the same way in a service page or in a blog article, therefore, the content must have an original text with keyword in the title, h1, h2 and h3 as well as in the optimized images. Without forgetting I am content help to the sale of this product. The internal and external links have the priority of being directed to categories and products.

after optimizing all your categories and products with their respective keywords,

the next step will be to optimize the loading speed. for Google and for users it is extremely important that you have a page Be fast, in woocommerce it is quite simple to optimize the loading speed for this you are going to need 2 plugins mainly Smush Pro which optimizes your images and WP Rocket, which optimizes your internal files and the way the web is loaded

SEO Content Creation for an online store

A good way to increase the visualization and visits in your online store is to create articles or content for your blog, obviously these articles will be related to the interests of your users and with the products or categories you want to position yourself once you have created these articles or this content generate internal links to your products or these priority categories.

eCommerce Keywords strategy

Get the right keywords in your ecommerce the most advisable study the market here below get a lot of ideas and keyword variations will help you get traffic to your online store, the idea is to take both those words with high traffic as those with a lower traffic in this way you will position both

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in the same way you are going to do it with the blog, take the task to study what are the interests of your users it is important that you look at the blogs and social networks of these blogs to know what are the raw priorities and interests in general what public time and thus be able to create articles that respond to them

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