How to get new SEO Keyword Strategy with Google Search Console

seo dashboard data studio

This template is ideal for monitoring the SEO status of any web page. It is the result of the integration of Search Console and Google Datastudio.

Easy and fast to apply, it’s one of the best ways to visualize the status of your keywords.

Why you need a Keyword SEO Report?

The main objective of this template is to show you as your views come to your website. Basically, you’ll see what are your keywords with more clicks and what are your keyword with more print on google. This data is the basis for making a stronger content strategy and a smart backlinks plan.

Remmember, the data is extracted from Google Search Console, that’s true numbers of your website.

SEO Keyword Dashboard Data Studio Elements:

The base of the template are the filters, these will show us all the results we want according to your application. You can combine the filters according to your marketing needs, the segmentation will then depend on the following filters

– date filter
– device filter
– query filter
– country filte

how to build a keyword SEO Dashboard with data studio


Download the SEO template here


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