the best templates for wordpress store or woocommerce themes

For a long time I have handled ecommerce from different markets and with very different volumes of users, from pages of 10,000 users per month to 240,000 users per month.

One of the most common mistakes I found was a template not very optimized, very rude to customize and especially with few options for customization in the product page.

As an SEO, Google Ads & Conversion Rates spacemaster selecting the right template is key to both having sales and improving the SEO of your website.

Here I wrote a series of factors that I take into account to improve any ecommerce or when creating an online store

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1 – Premium template compatible with wordpress and woocommercethemes details wordpress store

The first thing to check is the compatibility of the template with the latest updates of WordPress and WooCommerce

It is not at all versatile if the theme you are going to buy is not updated with the current versions of wordpress. In the future you may have problems with security, plugin compatibility and even loading speed.

For this reason it is always advisable to have the license to update the template

Personally, 90% of the templates that I have purchased are through Themeforest (marketplace). This site offers updated information on the templates for sale, compatibility, and comments from customers or users who are interested in a specific template. It offers you every technical detail of the subject

This information is located in Themeforets in the sidebar of the general information of the template


2 – A template compatible with the WPML plugin

WPML is perhaps one of the most widely used wordpress plugins for web page translations. Its good user experience makes it very easy to apply translations in any language. As a basic tip, I recommend asking the template developer if it is compatible with this plugin.

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3- Fastest web store speed

Any website must be extremely fast to get sales or conversions. It is a priority to position in Google and to have a good user experience for your customers.

The speed of a website is affected by multiple factors. You must keep in mind that the quality and the hosting plan you choose will be fundamental to the speed of your e-commerce. The hosting that I am using right now and that I can recommend is cloudways. Quality/UX – Price is very good and it works perfectly well.

However, pages made in wordpress and any page in general, need plugins and in some cases programming to have an ideal loading speed.


4 – Responsive Design

It is practically a rule of thumb that all templates are responsive, however it is good to make sure that the template you are buying is. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense that your template only works for desktop versions

This characteristic of the responsive is common to find in the technical or general aspects of the template.

It is important that you evaluate the usability of the responsive version in the mobile and feel comfortable to navigate it, check a good user experience in each page of the website, even in the process of buying.


5. Conversion improving features included.

One of the best things about woocommerce and WordPress is template customization. Adding or removing elements to improve conversions, user experience, or even SEO. However, to achieve improvements you need to know how to program. Which for many people can be difficult and finding an expert to do it in the best way can also be somewhat complicated, in addition to involving extra costs. For these reasons, I recommend pages that integrate a variety of catalogs and product pages. This is necessary for any e-commerce since it allows you to experiment with what type of landing you get to have more sales. The essential elements that a good woocommerce template should have are the following:

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  1. Sticky header with call to action upon scroll
  2. Promotion header strip
  3. Improved search with instant results
  4. Offer bar with discount code
  5. Previous and next product navigation
  6. Product image zoom for more details
  7. In stock visibility to encourage purchase
  8. Quantity increase/decrease buttons added
  9. Add to cart button has color customization options
  10. Countdown timer
  11. Stock level display
  12. Include reasons to purchase
  13. Increase trust with security badges
  14. Optional wishlist functionality
  15. Request a call back option
  16. An additional tab for shipping prices to encourage buying
  17. Beautiful layout for the product information

6- Type of Page Builder

It is important that you take into account what type of page builder the template works with, this can be a difficulty when customizing the internal pages, including the product pages. Personally, I think the easiest to use are WpBakery page builder and WP Elementor.

7- Plug-in compatibility

It is very important that you take into account that there are templates that are incompatible with some plugins, if your ecommerce is going to depend on a special plugin to achieve more sales, you need to ask the developer if the template has any kind of problem with that plugin in particular

The best templates for an online shop with woocommere

In my last online stores, I have used these templates, I think they are honestly the best options in the market right now (June 2020):

1- Basel РResponsive eCommerce Theme

2 – Martfury – WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme


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